Turkey Tail – Medicinal Mushroom extract



The only UK grown organic certified Turkey Tail Mushroom Tincture. Tramates versicolor has been utilised in Chinese Medicine since the Han Dynasty in 200 BC where it was thought to be most beneficial for spirit (Shen), and vital energy (Chi) – as well as strengthening bones and tendons, or as a treatment for respiratory conditions. We use a mix of wild foraged Turkey Tail and organic certified fruiting-body from our farm for it’s immune-boosting qualities and to aid healthy gut bacteria.

– 100% Organic Certified

– Native UK Turkey Tail

– Grown in Somerset, UK

– Triple Extracted, 1: 4 Ratio (Super Strength)

 – Fully Transparent & Short Supply Chain

Bottle size: 50ml
Ingredients: Dried Turkey Tail Fruiting Body, Purified Water, Organic UK Ethanol

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