Lavender Kush CBD Distillate oil refill – High Kind


Taste Lavender | Fresh Pine | Sweet Spice
Feel Tranquil | Gentle | Calm

HighKind presents their Lavender Kush CBD Distillate Vape Oil – a perfect extract for the evening with a calming floral aroma. This cartridge is a member of our Artisan collection, which have been enriched with the sweetness of hand-selected botanical terpenes.

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If you are looking to restock on your CBD Vape oil, then this CBD Vape Refill – 54% CBD with Cannabis-Inspired Terpenes – offers a great taste with a high terpene and high CBD percentage. Theybonly use the cleanest methods of extraction, so you know exactly what you are getting: all-natural, full-spectrum CBD oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes (including CBD, CBG and CBDv).

This finished/packaged CBD product contains no more than 1mg of cannabinol(CBN) or cannabinol derivatives(THC). To be safe and on the right side of the law the maximum quantity we can sell is 1000mg (or 1 Millilitre) per box/unit.

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