Synergy Vapes Starter Kit- Black Cherry Soda


Black Cherry Soda is a ‘Daytime’ Sativa profile with Sweet, Berry flavours and Earthy, fruity, soda-like aftertastes.

CBD Concentration: 45-50%
THC Concentration: 0%
Terpene Levels: High
Terpene Profiles: Black Cherry Soda
Quantity of Extract: 500mg

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500mg of High Terpene 45-50% CBD Distillate per cartridge infused with the Synergy Vapes range of terpene profiles. This pen is extremely easy to use and portable. Just remove the fully charged and already assembled vape pen from the box and puff away. The cartridge has a polished black fully ceramic mouthpiece which feels high quality and not cheap in anyway. No plastic too effect flavour or give off any unwanted fumes like most other lower cost vape cartridges on the market.

Delicious, clean fresh cannabis flavours that can produce big clouds if needed. A vape pen thats great the beginner or true connoisseur.

Here’s some more info:

  • High CBD content as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes
  • For recreational users who like strong CBD supplements
  • “A hashy, creamy, citrusy flavour with a minty-sweet aroma”
  • Independently tested by the Fundación CANNA for safety and purity

Synergy Vapes vaporiser contains a revolutionary new heating element which replaces the traditional cotton fibre wick with porous ceramic in order to keep a smoother oil supply to the coil. This brand new technology enables the device to tolerate a range of different oil viscosities and eliminates the burnt taste which happens with other dab/vape pens on the market. The heating wire is embedded into the ceramic for controlled heat distribution. No need for excessive thinning agents, allowing you to actually taste the extract, as if it was on a real low temp dab. This pen will cope with thick extracts, no problem at all.

  1. 300mg of a Full spectrum solvent-less 82% CBD Distillate per cartridge.
  2. Zero PG, PEG, VG, MCT or any other non-terpene ingredients.
  3. Reliable, efficient and easy to use
  4. 100% Natural premium quality ingredients.
  5. Huge clouds can be made from a swift 3-4 second draw.
  6. High power output battery(don’t be deceived by the size of the device)
  7. Controlled & Effortless airflow.
  8. Polished black ceramic mouthpiece
  9. Precision dosing for clinical applications
  10. 350mAh battery
  11. Quality circuit board with multiple protection
  12. Built in LED indicator
  13. Universally rechargeable with micro USB adapter


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