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Taste Orange Peel | Sweetness | Spice
Feel Comforted | Clear | Energised
Blend CBD 46.2% | CBDa 3.7% | CBG 8.8% | CBDv 4.1% | THC 0%| Terpenes 12.4%

HighKind presents our Tangerine Dream CBD Vape Cartridge – a wonderfully fruity vape oil with balanced aromatherapeutic effects. Part of our Artisan collection, this pure uncut oil is enhanced with hand-selected terpene blends.

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A bit more about the cartridge

The Raspberry Cookie cartridge is enriched with terpenes such as Myrcene, α Pinene and β Caryophyllene, to name just a few. This strain is a newcomer to the CBD scene but has already made a big impact – the fruity punch of its title flavour is very popular amongst new vapers.

  • Contains 0.5 g of clean uncut oil
  • A full-spectrum CBD extract of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Optimised for up to 200+ puffs
  • Provides a smooth and authentic cannabis experience
  • Third-party tested for quality: Lab Test (Raw Extract) | Lab Test (Terpene Enhanced)

A bit more about the Artisan collection

The Artisan collection contains pure triple-distilled CBD/CBG extract that has been infused with hand-crafted botanical terpenes to give punchy and fruity flavours. The CBD cartridges in this collection are perfect for vapers exploring the CBD world or more experienced users that enjoy gentle and subtle aromas.

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