Purple edition oil 3.2% (Hybrid)


*New with improved extraction methods removing chlorophyll and waxes so the oil is now cleaner tasting and lighter in colour but with the same cannabinoid content

This unique oil is made using a Cannabis Hybrid Whole Plant Extract > 16% CBD, extracted from female Cannabis Hybrid plants which were grown organically under the sun, only the buds/flowers are used for extracts of the highest quality. Diluted in Organic Hemp Seed Oil.

• Please note due to this whole plant extract being a natural product variations in consistency and separation from carrier oil may occur, The Original Alternative recommend shaking the bottle thoroughly and warming for 3mins prior to use.

Mg of Extract and CBD per 10ml;

  • 2000mg Whole Plant Extract >16% CBD = 320mg CBD (3.2% CBD)
  •  10ml contains 2000mg of whole plant extract with 16.4% CBD. This equates to 320mg per bottle, whereas there is approximately 200 drops per 10ml , so we would be left with 1.6mg per drop.

Ingredients per 10ml;

  • 2000mg Whole Plant Extract = 320mg CBD
  •  8000mg Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil


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10ml –2000mg Whole Plant Extract = 320mg CBD

30ml – 6,000mg Whole Plant Extract diluted in organic Hemp seed oil. = 960mg CBD

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10ml, 30ml