Purple Edition CBD Paste (Hybrid)


Pure organic High Concentration CBD paste with at least 16% Cannabidiol. Made from the flowers of  a female Cannabis Hybrid, this strain of Cannabis has been grown on a family plantation in Holland for over 20 years in an fully organic way.


– Whole plant extract with at least 16% CBD

CBD (Cannabidiol) Paste is a Cannabis derived organic oil. The purity, consistency, and quantity of Cannabidiol in CBD Brothers oil makes it a convenient way to get your daily CBD.



1ml 16% Purple paste = 160mg CBD

3ml 16% Purple Paste = 480mg CBD

5ml 16% Purple Paste = 800mg CBD

10ml 16% Purple Paste = 1600mg CBD

Typical Values per 10ml

Protein                                                – NIL
Carbohydrate                                     – NIL
of which is Sugars                           – NIL
Fat                                                      – 10g
of which is Saturates                       – 0.9g
of which is Monounsaturates          – 1.1g
of which is Omega 9                       – 1.1g
of which is Polyunsaturates            – 7.0g
of which is Omega 6                       – 5.2g
of which is Omega 3                        – 1.7
Fibre                                                    – NIL
Sodium                                                – NIL

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1ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Lucita Dawson
Great product and really helps

Easy to use. Helps to relax you and aids sleep. Also helps me with easing Fibro pain.

Ana-maria Bordei
Amazing Paste! Sorted out my insomnia

Amazing CBD Paste. It really sorted out my insomnia! Highly recommend it!