Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber


Brand Puffco
Colour Black / Silver
Material Ceramic
Vape Type Portable, Multi-Functional
Vaporizer Use Concentrate/Oil/Wax/Dry Herb

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The Puffco Proxy 3D Chamber is the heart & soul of the Puffco Peak Proxy Vaporizer. The 3D chamber is initially known to be an insane upgrade for the Puffco Peak Pro; it increases the depth and intensity of the flavour on your dabs in the Puffco, making it a no-brainer for the same technology to be implemented in the Proxy chamber.

In addition, the Proxy 3D chamber features the heating elements only in the side walls rather than the bottom of the bowl; this means that the oil is only being heated directly by the chamber when you inhale as the airflow moves the oil and pushes it into the side of the chamber. The heating location results in a consistently smooth hit whilst maximizing the flavour and retaining the oil quality throughout the dab. In addition, combined with the dry pipe, the 3D chamber in the Proxy truly maximizes terps in a way we never previously conceived.