Puffco Peak Pro Ball Cap -Pink


The Puffco Peak Pro Ball Cap gives you the experience of a directional airflow ball cap, giving you 360-degree control over where the oil moves, allowing you to get even heating and receive more vapour production. The result is a smoother, more consistent, more vapour fuelled hit that will allow you to enjoy every single drop of your concentrate, making for a more efficient experience.

The Puffco Peak Pro Ball Cap gives you the consumption experience of a more heady directional air flow carb cap.

*In honor of breast cancer awareness month, we have released a Pink Peak Pro Ball Cap as well as other pink themed accessories. 100% of proceeds going to the National Breast Cancer Foundation. The NBCF works with hospitals and breast centers in communities across the U.S. to help remove barriers to critical screenings, we are helping women detect their breast cancer in its earliest stage when it is more treatable.

** Only compatible with the Puffco Peak Pro.

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