Proswabs Original Biodegradable Cotton Buds 300-pcs


Proswabs Original Cotton Buds 300-pcs

Proswabs are one of the originators of Cotton Buds designed especially for dabbing out of quartz nails, inserts, e-nails and the likes. Unlike many other options on the market- Proswabs are designed for any style of dabbing; Proswabs are for dabbers by dabbers!

One of the most common complaints noted by dabbers for the majority of dabbing cotton buds use sticks that are made of cheap wood that break very easily. When cleaning a quartz banger, you need to apply some pressure to get into the various nooks and crannies, such as the neck of the banger. When angling traditional wooden stick cotton buds down the neck, the wooden stem will frequently snap, leaving your banger full of wooden fragments.

Proswabs cotton buds are adequately durable, meaning the paper stick won’t ever snap but is pliable enough to bend to get into those tight, hard-to-reach places. In addition, Proswabs have been designed to feature oversized, highly absorbent cotton tips that aren’t ever coated with chemicals like your average store-bought brand is. Moreover, one of the tips features a point so you can angle it at any crevices inside your banger or dabbing apparatus. In short, once you go pro with Proswabs, you won’t want to go back.

100% pure cotton,
Chemical-free super absorbent cotton buds
sturdy yet malleable paper stick stem instead of a classic wooden stem
fully compostable, so they are more environmentally friendly than most cotton buds on the market.
300 per tub

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