PotHead CBD Decaf Coffee


It’s time to get sleepy with potheads  first, ‘anti-coffee’, coffee. This chocolatey, Columbian bean is 99% free of caffeine and has been delicately infused with CBD-rich hemp extract, making it the perfect afternoon or after-dinner treat.

CBD PER CUP: 10mg+ of CBD plus a broad spectrum of cannabinoids.

Intensity: 3 out of 5 (With five being the most intense flavour)

Flavour tones: Dark chocolate, nuts and a very subtle, hemp aroma.

Origin: Colombia

All of our coffees are ground to order to ensure maximum freshness and taste.

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Infused with CBD and other cannabinoids.

This coffee has been infused with full spectrum, CO2-extracted hemp oil.

Pothead use full spectrum extract to ensure as much of the plant is included as possible. This is also referred to widely as ‘whole plant’ and helps to ensure that a wider-variety of cannabinoids and terpenoids are available for absorption by the body.