Pop Top J Holder


There’s no better way to keep your smoke fresh than with our handy dispensary-grade plastic Joint/Blunt container tubes. Combining the convenience of a hinged cap with an airtight design, these doob tubes don’t just lock in the freshness, but the odor as well.

Not only are these joint tubes keep your joints and spliffs pristine; they’re a durable, convenient, and discrete way to take your joints on the go. Don’t worry; these joint containers don’t sacrifice any style, looking smooth and sleek in a choice of either Black or Gold suit your personality.

Each of these doob tubes is perfectly sized to accommodate 1 ¼” joint papers or bigger size from all your trusted favourites like Elements and RAW Rolling Papers.

Dispensary & Medical Grade
Keeps any Odours locked In
Hinged Cap which Pops Open (Once you squeeze the top of the tube)
Available in Gold or Black
Large enough to store Blunts and Monster Kingsize Joints
19mm Diameter and 119mm in Height

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Clear, Gold