Perfect Balance Yoni Balm by OM Wellness CBD


Perfect Balance by Om Wellness CBD is a CBD-infused yoni balm to improve your vaginal health and pleasure. CBD is an excellent companion for your yoni because your womb has the most cannabinoid receptors in your entire body. Increasing research reveals the benefits of CBD for its anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties and more. Perfect Balance CBD infused yoni balm is OM Wellness’ solution to assist a woman through every step and cycle of her life.

Om’s CBD yoni balm creates ‘perfect balance’ in terms of your PH levels, relieves vaginal discomfort, soothes irritation, and provides menstrual relief. Whether you wish to insert a scoop of CBD-infused balm into your outer or inner yoni or apply it to a tampon for menstrual relief, there’s no right way to use the product. Perfect Balance is a flexible product to enjoy when the balm becomes liquid in a warm room or even placed in a fridge or freezer before applying. It is entirely up to you and what your yoni desires.

Our yoni’s are generally self-lubricating, but every yoni is different. We all go through changes within our body, such as menopause, where many women experience vaginal dryness resulting in discomfort and pain. Or, whether our yoni needs a little help, think of Perfect Balance as a loving and attentive friend to assist you with a more comfortable, juicy yoni.

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Through the CBD balm moisturizing your yoni and creating lubrication, you can experience more comfort and self-pleasure. Perfect Balance by OM Wellness CBD also increases stimulation and heightens orgasms by increasing blood flow when applied to your desired areas. The Yoni balm increases pleasurable sensations, which you can work into your daily routine for vaginal health and when you want to experience the height of sexual pleasure. Think of the Perfect Balance yoni balm as a love letter to yourself.

Please Note: Do not use with latex and may stain light-coloured fabrics.

Brand OM Wellness
Volume 69ml
CBD % 1000mg
Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Calendula, & Broad Spectrum, US Grown Hemp CBD

CBD Type CBD Creams and Ointments