Original Blue Cheese Female Cannabis Seeds – Big Buddha Family Farms


Brand The Original Big Buddha Family Farms
Pack Size 6/ Seeds Per Pack
Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Flowering Time 8-10 Weeks
Lineage Blue Cheese x Original Cheese (fem)
Yield Moderate/ Average
Seed Type Feminised

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Original Blue Cheese by Original Big Buddha Family Farms is one of the classic staple British strains that first made waves around the UK in the mid-noughties.

Around 2005/6, Milo of Original Big Buddha Family Farms was experimenting, looking for the ultimate blueberry strain, and purchasing many different versions on the market then. The results were from a remarkable phenotype of Blueberry from the infamous Canadian breeder DJ short. This Blueberry phenotype has a beautiful structure, colours and a uniquely tasty, tantalising bouquet of fresh blueberries. They took the Blueberry and crossed it back to the cheese, which led to the now infamous blue cheese so that you can expect that unique old-school cheese skunk flavour combined with the deep & rare fruity terps of the Blueberry.

Blue Cheese has been a favourite plant for many years for visitors to Amsterdam coffeeshops and has won prizes across multiple competitions worldwide, showing how celebrated her terp profile is. Here at the Original Big Buddha Family Farms, Bid Buddha has growers who have kept this original clone safe for years in their genetic library and are now producing seeds for us in this classic genetic form.

Here at the Original Big Buddha Family Farms, they have a network of growers who kept the original Blue Cheese clone in their library and have now started to produce seeds for us of this classic variety by crossing it with a reversed Original Cheese cut.