Organic Active Hemp Ointment


Active Hemp Ointment

Size 100 ml

Cannabinoid rich, healing and soothing cream made from hemp plant extract and Shea Butter.
Designed for the most sensitive skin.

Carun Active Hemp Ointment is an effective barrier cream, highly valued for its soothing and healing effects.

Suitable for adults, children and pregnant women.

Carun Active Hemp Ointment contains hemp plant extract, so preserving naturally occurring cannabinoids and active compounds.

It also contains virgin olive oil and a blend of natural essential such as oils, mint, lemon and lavender.

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Cannabinoids may be beneficial for broad range of skin conditions.

Carun Active Hemp Ointment can also be used for venous ulcers, grazes, burns and insect bites.

How to use:

Apply sparingly to the area of pain or irritation and gently massage into the skin.

Repeat as required.


Olive Fruit Oil, Shea butter , Hemp Leaf and Stem Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Lemon oil, Mint Oil, Lavender Oil.

Not tested on animals

No allergic reactions have been observed.

Carun’s products are not intended to cure, they are designed to assist treatment and
help manage symptoms.


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