Mystic Timber – Sauce Spoon


The Mystic Timber SauceSpoon is great for dealing with crumble/badder consistencies, the slight downward angle and flat bit on the edge of the tip makes it perfect for scooping up those large globby globs! Over the course of the past year Jorgy has been working on perfecting our SauceSpoon, and now it’s ready to be SCOOPED! A great tool to have when our regular pic/scoop can’t handle balancing the larger diamonds or if your oil is too watery.

Get ready to hunt for diamonds! The SauceSpoon is perfect for diving into Sauce Jars, scooping up all the rocks, and the wide foundation of the spoon’s titanium terp trough will catch-and-carry all that sweet, sweet nectar. How much Sauce could a SauceSpoon Spoon, if a SauceSpoon could Spoon Sauce? Let’s find out!

The wooden handle of every SauceSpoon is handcrafted of sustainable tropical and North American hardwoods, beveled and buffed with a non-toxic proprietary wax to a lustrous shine by artisans in the Mystic Timber Wood Shop in New Jersey. No two are exactly alike. It’s the perfect accessory for any sophisticated collector to take on their journeys.

Total length is approximately 4 1/8″ Handle approximate length: 2″

Additional information

Wood Colour

Padauk, Yellow Heart, Wenge, Walnut, Zebra, Purple Heart