MiniNail Quartz Ebanger Kit

MiniNail Micro Enail is extremely small and is slightly larger than a business card; weighing in at only 5 ounces. It is also a lower power Enail that runs on only 1amp/89watts of power, meaning it will be cheaper to run and will last longer than other e-nails. It is built to be a daily driver and is designed to be used all day everyday. Custom Designed MiniNail™️ Quartz E-banger provides amazing heat retention and function with its 5mm thick quartz base and thick quartz walls.

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The MiniNail™ Kit comes with the following:

  • MiniNail™️ Controller Box
  • Barrel Heater Coil (20MM)
  • Quartz Ebanger (14mm Joint Size)/Custom 5mm Thick Quartz Base
  • Silver Ti Carb Cap/ Dabber
  • Power Cord
  • Small Slab Pad
  • Stickers
  • 2-Year Warranty on both the Heater Coil & Controller Box

Please note that this E-nail is calibrated for use in EU/UK and therefore is set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit .This can be easy changed following simple instructions provided bellow:

Fahrenheit to Celsius

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