The MiniNail™ Micro Enail is an extremely small, low-power Enail that is built for the concentrate enthusiast and daily dabber in mind. This Enail is slightly larger than a business card and weighs in at only 5 oz. Pre-calibrated heater coils ensure you get accurate temps. Our Titanium accessories are 3rd party lab tested to ensure it is of the highest quality Titanium available. This small palm-sized enail is also efficient, as it is low on power at only 1 amp/ ~89 watts (Similar to a light bulb). Comes with a 2-year Warranty on both the heater coil and the controller. BUILT FOR ALL DAY EVERYDAY USE!

MiniNail™ 20MM Ti ENAIL Features:

  • Micro-Sized Controller (Pre-calibrated for accuracy)
  • 20MM Heater Coil on a 4ft kevlar sheath
  • Curved Flat Tip Titanium Dabber
  • Grade 2 Titanium Universal Dome less Nail (Certificate)
  • 4ft Power Cord (120V or 240V Options Available)
  • Slab Pad Dab Mat
  • Stickers
  • Black finish (Shown in Picture)
  • 2-Year Warranty

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Please note that this E-nail is calibrated for use in EU/UK and therefore is set to Celsius rather than Fahrenheit. This can be easy changed following simple instructions provided bellow:

Fahrenheit to Celsius


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