Mini Buddy HDT – Heated Dab Tool


The Mini Buddy HDT (Heated Dab Tool) is a small version of the regular Buddy HDT, designed with maximum portability in mind, all aspects of the HDT heave been reduced in size, except the heated ceramic tip! This retains the ability to reach into small pots without making a mess of it while the smaller size allows it to be more easily pocketed!
To keep the size down the Mini Buddy HDT has a non replaceable ceramic tip.


Heated Ceramic Dab Tool with Storage Cap
Stainless Steel Body
Insane battery life – Hundreds of dabs
550mAh Li-Ion Battery
USB-C Charge Port
Three Heat Settings
CE and ROHS Certified Materials

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5 Clicks – On/Off
3 Clicks – Select Heat Setting
Blue-Green-Red – Low to High
2 Clicks – Auto-fire (10s)
Hold Button – Manual Fire