Grove Bags – Window curing bag


Puncture Resistant
Tear Resistant
Heat Sealable
Smell resistant
Low oxygen maintenance
Active humidity control

Small- 14grams (1/2 Ounce) 5″ (12.7cm) x 8.14″ (20.67cm) + 2.33 (5.9cm)(Gusset)

Medium – 28grams (1 Ounce) 6.25″ (15.87cm) x 9″ (22.86cm) +2.33″ (5.9cm) (Gusset)

XLarge- 226 Grams (Half Pound) 12″ (30.48cm) x 14.75″(37.46cm) + 5.25″ (13.33cm) (Gusset)

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The perfect dry herb curing climate has finally arrived, & it comes in these easily packable dry herb curing bags by Grove Bags.

The Window Pouch Curing Bags by Grove Bags is the ultimate way to actively cure your herbs, food, nuts or any organic matter. whilst ensuring it is always at the correct humidity level. Grove Bags are the premium choice for today’s cultivators as they allow the end product to be preserved to the highest possible quality from cultivation to consumption. Crucial to the end product is the preservation of Terpenes; Grove Bags achieve optimum terpene content by combining humidity control with out-gassing and anti-static features to maintain the perfect climate.Weight Retention is another key benefit of using Grove Bags. Your organic matters’ moisture content ties directly to the final weight of your product, so any improperly stored goods will lose weight, impacting your bottom-line revenues.

Grove Bags uses its proprietary TerpLoc™ Technology, which fuses six distinct film barrier layers to ensure active humidity control & protection of your goods. Grove Bag’s TerpLoc™ function ensures that moisture is continually flowing in and out of the bags to keep them balanced; this keeps the herb, food or nuts fresher for longer and enables the manufacturer to package up the product sooner than competing brands. Terploc is the first of its kind, a genuinely passive atmospheric packaging solution that perfectly cures your dry herb, food & nuts. No matter the type of organic matter, when you’re concerned with the finer things, every single gram of product matters & storage/ preservation is integral to maximising profits. Unlike other curing and & storage packaging agent, Terploc has been designed around the unique properties of terpene-rich organic matter to create the most effective packaging possible. Moreover, Terploc succeeds in slowing down herb and terpene degradation to a rate never before achieved; this extends both the shelf life of your product and maximises the resulting margins.

Grove Bags’ incredible active humidity control combines with antimicrobial properties to create a super-effective packaging solution that implements low oxygen levels to form the ideal curing climate.The Terploc™ technology underpinning Grove Bags comprises six unique high-barrier films with fundamental permeability properties explicitly designed for dry herbs but are equally suited for food & nuts. All unwanted gasses & water vapour are actively diffused through the film barriers forming a mould-free environment to cure and retain the quality of your material.

These film barriers all target a different issue that can affect the quality of your end product. This multi-tiered approach guarantees your herb is always receiving maximum protection. The first layer is the durability layer, which protects your dry herb material with a thick puncture-resistant layer which helps ensure the carefully controlled climate is safe during transit/ delivery. The next film barrier provides odour protection helping you to trap the smell until you’re ready to enjoy it. Next up is the oxygen film layer, designed to ensure that it can create and sustain low oxygen levels and limit the oxidation of terpenes. The oxygen layer protects against weight loss and maintains your product’s efficiency. Next is the anti-static layer, a critical element as many plastics create static which can strip dry herbs of essential properties; this layer ensures terpenes stay in your organic goods rather than on the packaging. Next, the Humidity barrier works with the oxygen layer to maintain active humidity control. Low oxygen levels slow the respiration process, so excess water vapour built up inside the headspace of the Grove Bag is diffused through the packaging to prevent mould from developing. Finally, The Terploc™ UV film layer, combined with opaque packaging, provides excellent protection from harmful UV rays; UV breaks down organic material rapidly, which means that the compounds within the material are degraded, lessened and weakened.

TerpLoc™ creates the optimal microclimate for storing fruits, nuts & herbs by regulating the relative humidity in the packaging while protecting your product from exterior elements that would degrade its quality. In addition, TerpLoc™’s active design that requires minimal input also works as a reassurance for producers in terms of quality control.

For curing dry herbs, Grove Bag Generally recommends drying the material for 10-14 days first; depending on the structure of your herbs, fruits or nuts & the relative humidity should be between 10-12% in Grove Bags opinion, although everyone has different techniques that work for them. When filling the bags with material, Grove Bags recommends leaving the bag a minimum of 25% empty, with this headspace permitting the bag to work correctly. Once the bag is closed, the technology will work to ensure your internal environment is between 58-62% Relative Humidity. The bag should be placed in a well-ventilated and cool area below 21 degrees Celsius. The hotter the environment, the moisture related weight loss.
Grove Bags are also sealable in the temperature range of 230F-285F using an impulse sealer, hair straightener or household iron.

Grove Bags are thoroughly committed to sustainability, eqaully as much as they are to perfecting dry herb curing climates & exceptional active humidity control. Their commitment leads to them producing zero waste in the manufacturing process and using only vegan/soy inks with production in the US. They’re also sure to use the best machinery for maximised efficency and are all packages in such a way to minimise the carbon footprint.

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Small 14g, Medium 28g, XL 225g