Gorilla Glue – Diamonds & Sauce – High Kind


Taste Earthy | Pungent | Kush
Feel Calm | Relaxed | Sleepy

1000mg per pot

HighKind presents their Gorilla Glue aka #GG4 CBD diamonds and sauce – a potent extract with kush and berry flavours designed especially for the CBD and terpene connoisseur. A part of their Limited Editions Collection, this crumble is created with premium terpenes derived exclusively from legal cannabis flowers

The Limited Edition Line is catching cannabis at its greatest terpene content. Shortly after harvesting , at the cannabis plants aromatic peak point the flower material is distilled and the vibrant essence is captured in it’s most pungent form.

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A bit more about Diamond & Sauce

  • Contains crystallised CBD diamonds and rich-terpene sauce.
  • Enhances your CBD experience with added potency.
  • Includes 100% Cannabis flower terpenes.

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