Core 2.0 Rebuildable Atomizer – V5 RDA


These are the RDAs (rebuildable deck atomizers) for the Core 2.0 E-rig which have a completely upgraded design over all previous heaters. Please ensure you check the screws that hold the heater legs are firmly done up before use. Do not over-tighten them as you risk cutting the wire heater legs!

Fully Rebuildable
Copper Screws for reduced stress to heater legs
Full Ceramic and Stainless Steel build – All other materials have been replaced with ceramic.
Minimal contact between the heater and housing walls for accurate heating
V5 Heater compatible
The RDA heater can be removed from the Core 2.0 and screwed into a heat sink on a box mod, then run at 36W for 1-2 mins to perform a burn off cleaning cycle.

1 x Core 2.0 RDA housing
1 x V5 Heater – Installed
2 x Copper screws – Installed

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