Control Tower 10/45 Privileged lungs


The Control Tower Quartz Banger by Privileged Lungs is one of the latest additions to our quality range of affordable quartz bangers. This premium terp slurper has an extended inner valve, meaning you can hit it hard & for a long duration before any oil rises up the bangers barrel close to the neck.

The Control Tower Banger‘s bottom plate is super thick and has a ridged lip which we love for its superior heat retention properties that ensure you get a nice hit; this is easily the tallest banger in the Privileged Lungs range & comes equipped with a large Opal marble to act as a carb cap when your banger gets up to temperature. It also comes with a smaller inner valve marble to help trap any oil from rising and making it to the neck of the banger, where oil wastage can often occur. We also provide a pure quartz Pillar which helps to distribute oil throughout the inner barrel of the banger, making for more even vaporisation whilst maximising the consistency of your dabs.

All Privileged Lungs bangers feature only 100% high-quality quartz construction and have been tested to withstand the high temperatures required to heat quartz bangers. The Control Tower Banger s available at 45 degrees in 10mm Male joints.

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Set comes with Banger, marbles and pillar in a metal tin case.