Coil King AOI – Dab pen


The Coil King AIO (all in one) Dab Pen is now here! a mini dab pen that produces vapour like a custom concentrate RDA coil but in a portable and complete package with dab tool and concentrate storage built in! The only thing you need for stealthy and super portable dabbing!

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Powerful vapour production
Can be used MTL (mouth to lung) style
Can be used at any angle after initial melt
Three Heat Settings (Voltage based)
Built in Zirconia Ceramic Dab Tool
Ergonomic Zirconia Ceramic Mouthpiece
Built in leak-proof silicone lined storage pot
Replaceable Silicone storage pot lining
Stainless Steel build
Stylish Brushed finish
Kanthal A1 Dual Clapton Coil wrap with a Quartz Rod
Excellent battery life – 7 -12 sessions depending on temp, burn off cleaning, concentrate and dab size
1 hour 40 charge – 650mah battery – Gentle battery charging for long life
USB-C Charging
Replaceable pre-made atomisers/coils
140mm Long x 16mm Wide Approx.
14mm Water tool compatible with an adapter
14mm silicone water tool adapter fits directly onto mouthpiece. Also really great if you sometimes knock your teeth with your mouthpiece.
Compatible with solid and waxy concentrates
Leak free design
Airflow isolated from battery
Isolated Vapour Path – Vapour Contacts Stainless Steel and Zirconia Ceramic
No dyes, glues or any other nasties.

How to Load

Align cut out out flowers on the cap with coil so there is one at each end. The mouthpiece alignment notches are in line with the flowers so you can use these instead if that’s easier.

Remove the mouthpiece only, leaving the the metal airflow cap in place, scoop some concentrate up and replace the mouthpiece. Make sure you insert it straight down, not at an angle, or you will end up dabbing it on to your coil housing instead of the coil! These pens work best if you don’t overload them, The Coil King is very efficient and capable of producing huge clouds from relatively small amounts of vapour, so start small-ish. You’ll know if it’s not enough because the dab won’t transfer properly and you’ll need to add a little more onto the dab tool! After the first inhale when the dab has transferred to the coil you can rotate the mouthpiece if desired, make sure you do it clockwise or you might unscrew the coil! After, remember to align it again before your next dab so it loads the coil properly.

How to use

We suggest always using high quality material with very small amounts of waxy residue from plant fats. Fresh rosin tends to have more of these waxes in so will not perform as well.

Inhale gently, there is no need to suck and doing so can pull concentrate off the coil causing premature blockage. As a guide you should reduce your inhale strength until you feel no real resistance from the air.

There are two ways to do this once loaded.

For the first inhale always hold the pen upright so the dab transfers onto the coil.

Then either hold the power button and inhale gently from the start until the battery cuts out. This method will give you the absolute max in terms of flavour, will increase heat time slightly and cause your coil to reach a lower temperature during the inhale. This is the method we suggest for true terp chasers.
Or for the first inhale you can hold the power button and puff gently to allow the dab to warm and transfer onto the coil, do this until vapour starts to appear then inhale. This will produce more vapour as it allows the coil to heat faster and to load more fully before you begin to inhale, with the coil reaching a slightly higher temperature during the session.
If you want yet more vapour you can puff, then release and immediately re-press the button so that the 10 seconds starts again resulting in a higher temperature and more clouds!

In both cases release the power button around 2-3 seconds before you finish inhaling to allow the coil and rod to cool, preserving your material and flavour.

After the first inhale you can hold the Coil King at any angle and the concentrate will be retained in the coil. If you haven’t taken a break allowing the rod, coil and contents to mostly cool, you can just hold the button and inhale as your material will already be on the coil and everything will still be warm. With the lowest heat setting you may want to puff while it heats if it has cooled, but with the middle and high settings this is not recommended. When the concentrate has transferred to the coil the Coil King AOI can be held and used at any angle, even upside down in your rig bubbler.


Soak coils overnight in ISO alcohol. Rinse with hot water, blow through to remove excess liquid. Leave to dry, then re-install and perform a burn off cycle.
These coils can also be cleaned using burn off cycles.
If you’re performing a burn off cycle after a session then this can be done by placing the device on the highest heat setting and and holding the button down to 10 seconds whilst gently blowing into the air flow at the bottom of the atomiser coil.
Over time residue will build up inside the atomiser coil housing, when this happens you can perform a burn off cycle with the dab pen held upside down at 45+ degrees so that the concentrate runs out of the ceramic housing where it can be collected by a q-tip.
The mouthpiece can be soaked in alcohol overnight, then rinsed and dried for a full clean. To maintain it you can blow through the mouthpiece after a session to clear out the airflow holes, just make sure you hold kitchen roll around it or you’ll blow residue everywhere!

Features – Extended Information

Silicone Lined leak proof storage cap with silicone lining. Just make sure your concentrate is arranged inside the edges of the pot and when you screw it in the silicone lining will seal it shut inside. The Silicone cap and lining are both removable and replaceable.
Screw threaded storage, three turns. Magnets were not used as if you accidentally sit down with the pen in your pocket you container can come off, filling with your pocket contents, which has the potential to ruin your day and be an expensive mistake.
Ergonomic Zirconia ceramic mouthpiece cools the vapour and is comfortable to use.
A solid dab tool tool is included in the underside of the single piece Zirconia mouthpiece. A flat headed scoop was used as it makes an easy tool to collect an appropriate amount for the coil and to load the coil along some of its length. This improves initial vapour production and flavour over loading onto the central point only which is the hottest part of the coil where it will both take longer to wick up and vaporise as it does.
Lock function – click five times to lock or unlock.
Battery level display – lock or unlock the device to display the battery. The lights will flash three times displaying the battery level showing one, two or three LEDs, if it shows only one led you’ll need to charge soon.
Three power settings – one light being the lowest, three lights being the highest.
10 second cut out – Session mode was not used as it’s easy to overheat coils and burn your material.
Responsive button with a positive click when used, so there’s no confusion about whether it’s being pressed or not.
Slightly restricted airflow designed to maximise vapour production and heat up times.

Coil King AIO Dab Pen
Included Dab Tool
Included Storage
Pre-installed Quartz Wrapped Dual Clapton Kanthal A1 coil