Chemmy Jones (Limited Edition) – CBD Vape Cartridge – High Kind


Taste Floral | Sweet | Fuel
Feel Uplifted | Revitalising | Happy

HighKind presents their Chemmy Jones CBD Vape Cartridge. A member of the Limited Editions Collection, infused with elite terpenes derived exclusively from the cannabis plant. Chemmy Jones, also known as “Chem Jones” offers an uplifting and revitalising effect that allows you too stay productive throughout the day. Diesel, floral flavours are balanced by a floral sweetness.

The brand new dry/cured Cannabis Terpene Line contains terpenes which were distilled from premium dry/cured flower material. This is the lowest yielding method of terpene extraction there is which makes the terpenes extremely expensive to work with, however, these are some of the most pungent smelling terps we have produced to date.

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