Cannacarts CBD vape pen kit



CANNACARTS CBD Vape Full Set Up combines all you need to go exploring the different avenues of your cannabinoid journey!

Each Cannacarts Vape is made with 100% natural cannabis ingredients, from the full spectrum distillate oil to the cannabis-derived terpenes- the result is 100% natural vapes that are free from additives, dilutants or contaminants. Most other vapes add CBD to a flavoured liquid, often containing either PG, VG, PEG, or MCT, whilst Cannacarts adds flavouring to their CBD, and the flavouring is the natural cannabis-derived terpenes.

Crucially, CannaCarts uses full-spectrum CBD instead of CBD isolate which is the more common CBD base product on the market, isolate doesn’t provide the full-entourage effect but is useful for companies who are not confident that their end result would be sufficiently low enough in THC to pass testing. Full Spectrum CBD is key to maximising the benefits that CBD can provide as due to the entourage effect, science shows that the efficiency of cannabinoids is far greater when combined with a full spectrum of other cannabinoids and terpenes, i.e. the sum of its parts is far greater than any isolated singular component.

Cannacarts come in four flavours which are entirely defined by the terpene profile of the cannabis plants the terpenes are extracted from, these are: Rainbow Beltz, Guava Gelato, Tangerine Dream & Super Lemon. Each vape contains high cannabinoid contents with 45% of the vape cart being CBD & 12% CBG with total cannabinoid tests coming in at 60%

Cannacarts CBD Vape cartridge is made from ceramic due to heavy metal contamination that was found in a large number of California vapes which made vape pen testing mandatory in the US state. Thankfully the ceramic design of the vapes ensures that your oil is free from pollution. The ceramic design also allows for superior cooling and large hits thanks to the sizeable intake holes making for a smooth and tasty experience that you can really feel. The battery is a universal 510 thread so you can use other batteries with your Cannacarts vape carts just make sure to keep the wattage low at around 4-8w. The batteries are fully rechargeable as single-use disposable lithium batteries are bad for the environment, so all Cannacarts batteries come with a lifetime warranty. The batteries also come fully charged so you’re ready to rip right out the bok.

Each batch of Cannacarts are lab-tested to the current ISO 17025 European Standards and as such meet all European Safety Standards, each of the vapes has a QR code on the packaging so that you can review the full lab test results & specifications of your oil indicating how important transparency is with the Cannacart brand. The Cannacart range is made in the UK, with their production process heavily refined to guarantee the production area is free from dust & particulates.


  • Premium CBD vape set-up including battery & USB charger
  • Cannabis oil (CBD & CBG) Cartridge (0.6ml)
  • Universal 510 thread. 4-8w power threshold
  • Made from only full spectrum distillate & cannabis-derived terpenes
  • NO PG, VG, PEG & MCT or any other mixers/dilutants
  • 100% natural & from the plant – no chemicals or additives
  • Cannabinoid vaporizer – made in the United Kingdom
  • Ceramic cart – passes all Californian heavy metal tests
  • Large intake holes – gives a bigger, smoother and cooler hit
  • Battery comes charged – ready to use straight out of the box
  • Authentic strain specific flavours – tastes just like the real thing
  • Laboratory tested to ISO 17025 European Specification
  • High strength & potency – 45% CBD & 12% CBG
  • All the goodness without the high – rest, relax & recover
  • Available in Guava Gelato, Rainbow Beltz, Tangerine Dream & Super Lemon

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Rainbow belts, Guava Gelato, Tangerine Dream, Super Lemon