Blue Zushi Terpenes


Strain Specific Organic Terpenes available in 1g bottles, which comes with a pippette, heatproof mixing vial and stirrer to make the mixing process as convenient as possible.

They’re the perfect diluent for making homemade vape juices out of your favourite extracts or simply adding a little more flavour to your concentrate, flower or vape juice.

Unlike PG and PEG which require more than 2 grams to properly dissolve a gram of extract and end up imparting an undesireable ‘burnt’ ‘chemical’ aftertaste, our Strain Specific Terpenes achieve a far superior result using 0.2g or less!

All blends are 100% Terpene based and derived from organic sources.

(None of the products on this site contain CBD, THC or Nicotine.)

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