Blue Edition CBD Capsules

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High Concentration Whole Plant Extract with at least 25% CBD. Made from the flowers of female Cannabis Sativa, this strain of Hemp has been grown organically by a cooperative of farmers across Europe. Extracted using CO2.

These CBD Capsules are made by combining a high concentration CBD Whole Plant Extract with Organic Coconut Oil and casing in a Vegan Capsule. All manufactured in their own specifically built laboratory in Suffolk, UK.

30 Capsules

Mg of extract and CBD per Capsule;

HBC50 – 50mg Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 25% CBD (12.5mg CBD)

HBC100 – 100mg Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 25% CBD (25mg CBD)

HBC250 – 250mg Cannabis Sativa Whole Plant Extract > 25% CBD (62.5mg CBD)



30 Capsules



  • 50 mg Whole plant extract with >25% CBD
  • 12.5mg CBD per Capsule
  • 450mg Coconut
  • Vegan Capsule


  • 100 mg Whole plant extract with >25% CBD
  • 25mg CBD per Capsule
  • 400mg Coconut
  • Vegan Capsule


  • 250 mg Whole plant extract with >25% CBD
  • 62.5mg CBD per Capsule
  • 250mg Coconut
  • Vegan Capsule

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50mg (12.5mg CBD per cap), 100mg(25mg CBD per cap), 250mg (62.5mg CBD Per cap)

3 reviews for Blue Edition CBD Capsules

  1. Jamey

    These have cured my bad suffering with TBI, traumatic Brian injury.
    Iv be in hospitals for months and still here and once starting taking these. My accident was bad!
    In a week I felt like a new man. Having looked into treatment for TBI with CBD. This repairs it in no time completely! Well done USA for releasing your studies and how it works. The medical service in this country need to play catch up. I will be taking this product for 1 year to fully repair my Brian. Now iv taken this for a month, the staff are amazed at how well someone like me has recovered, no-one with TBI has shown improvements so quickly before.
    Thank you CBD-Ethics this has cured me faster then anyone seen in the hospital.
    Congratulations for a brilliant company.

  2. Jamey (verified owner)

    This product has help me repair my traumatic brain injury amazingly. No doctors, nurses or staff have ever seen someone who has this injury heal this fast. Thank you.
    In USA if you have TBI, you are given this now for medical care. The results are astonishing!

  3. Jamey (verified owner)

    So iv had this product for 3 months with my traumatic brain injury. Its be outstanding for recovery. Iv felt great!
    But now that iv run out, iv ordered more. The last 2 weeks with nothing left, iv noticed my mood, being sad, not being able to sleep correctly and confused with things.
    Just goes to show I need to follow and have the USA advice of 1 year of treatment care with them. So iv got more. This product has been perfect for fixing TBI. An accident I had, I fell from a window and hitting head.
    Had I not had this product, I wouldn’t have cured like this. I’d have permanent damage to my brain. So it just goes to show how great at neurological repair after injury happened.
    Thank you USA, Canada, Spain, Germany and Swaziland for medical advice and doing this for sick poeple. Please play catch up UK medical service. This works.
    Thank you CBD Ethical

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