Big Ballr by Easy Flow Glass


Designed for big hitting vaporists, Big Ballr’s big and beautiful glass globe delivers even cooler hits from virtually any vaporizer (using your vape’s 14.4mm or 10mm male water tool adapter) thanks to its double capacity design, with a smooth functioning circ percolator for water-conditioning even the toastiest rips with minimal drag.

Handmade in borosilicate glass, with both a straight glass mouthpiece and whip set included, Big Ballr is a large globe-shaped tabletop water-tool for those who believe bigger is always better!

Approximate dimensions: 11.5cm Long x 16.5cm wide (24cm with mouthpiece) x 14cm tall x 10.8cm diameter base


Big Ballr
Glass Mouthpiece
Whip with glass tip and 14mm vertical male adapter glass fitter

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