Barneys Farm Blueberry Cheese (5 FEM)


Type: Feminised
This strain of BLUEBERRY CHEESE™ is one of the best and strongest on the market, and is guaranteed to knock your head off. Previously named Blue Cheese this is an easy to grow strain, which creates an incredible yield of fragrant and tasty buds. The intense aged-cheese flavours are softened by a sweet blueberry aftertaste.

The short stocky plant has strong side branches which develop heavy sticky colas in a short flowering period. Prepare to relax because this is a true sensation for Indica enthusiasts. This is now available in an autoflowering strain.

Blueberry Cheese cannabis seeds are sold strictly for souvenirs, storage and genetic preservation.

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BLUEBERRY CHEESE™ Cannabis Seeds Strain Specifications
Type: FeminisedPhotoperiod: NormalCharacterisics: .Genetics: Original Cheese x BlueberryEffect: Joy, Euphoria, Deep-body relaxation, Sleepy, Creative, HungryIndoor Yield (g):up to 650 gr/m²Flowering Time (days): 60 – 65Feminised Outdoor Harvest Month: SeptemberFeminised Outdoor Harvest Month Week: 2nd-3rd weekHeight (cm): 80-110cmHeight Indoor (cm): 80/90cmHeight Outdoor (cm): 90-100cmHeight: MediumIndica %: 80%Sativa %: 20%Indica/Sativa: Mostly IndicaTaste: Blueberry, Cheese, Creamy, Spicy,